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Transparent Holographic Overlays

A)Stock Hologram Overlays:

ID Holograms - (Transparent Holograms, Hologram Overlays) made for ID Cards protection against fake ID cards and cheap Identifications. Transparent ID holograms are indeed transparent holograms and do not obstract the image on ID cards and you can see its Hologram image.ID Holograms are specially sized for ID Cards and are pressure sensitive, self adhesive holograms. Just remove the paper liner to activate the adhesive and apply ID Holograms over your ID cards!Using a clear Holographic id overlay (film laminate) on a digitally printed ID card protects the ink from excessive abrasion and wear, which extends the card life. The overlays presented here are "peel and stick" transparent labels which are manually affixed after the ID card is printed. The size of the overlay is slightly smaller or the same size than a standard CR -80 PVC ID card.

Adding a hologram to the clear ID overlay will enhance the security of your ID cards. Clear ID overlays prevent alterations to the ID card information and combats copying or duplicating the ID card. The hologram image is seen only at certain viewing angles, which allows visibility of the underlying ID card information and photo. Holographic overlays combat copying or duplicating of ID cards. The hologram image is seen only at certain viewing angles, which allows visibility of the underlying ID card information and photo. The durable film material prevents alterations to the underlying ID card information. Overlays are an affordable alternative to re-issuing ID cards. Re-validate existing cards by applying an overlay. We offer  stock overlays as tamper evident to prevent removal and transfer to another ID card . When removed, the holographic image will self destruct, which indicates tampering of the overlay.or the more popular non tamper.

Our holographic overlays aid in visual authentication for control personnel. Also, the hologram gives your company ID cards a distinctive look, which can enhance your company image with employees and customers. Our stock overlays are recommended for applications where a generic hologram overlay, which is also sold to other users, still offers appropriate security. We Have over 100 Stock or Generic pattern which are duly marked with Design Numbers & Code. The Transparent Holographic Overlays are HRI Coated PET film in 1-2 mil thickness with Water based Grade 1 Adhesive & Release Paper (Release film is also available on request) Packed in packs of 100 pcs or 100 sheets in small cartons. We also supply custom size Transparent holographic overlays for putting on security documents,cheque book,certificates etc. These are Stock Patterns and available upto A3 sizes.

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Custom Holographic Overlay

B) Custom Hologram Overlays:

For higher security applications, custom holographic overlays are recommended. A custom hologram overlay offers the most security to protect your company,  employees and customers from fake ID badges. This type of embossed hologram design allows intricate and complex graphics. We can offer multiple security options in the Custom hologram like DOT-MATRIX Hologram,  2D/3D Hologram,  Flip-Flop Hologram and Kinetic movement, Micro text, laser text, switch effect, nano text, guilloche patterns as well as sequntial numbering and invisible uv and laser etc. After creating a custom security-grade origination (dot matrix or 2D/3D) for your company/organization,  your unique design is registered with the  SPICK hologram registry. Our embossed hologram overlays can be  tamper evident. If removed,  the overlay will self destruct showing a 'dots' pattern on the ID badge and in the hologram. This product is design for manual application to the printed ID card -- just peel and stick.

The overlay is constructed in one layer. The hologram is embossed on 2 mil thick polyester film. After embossing,  a permanent acrylic adhesive is applied over the hologram. The overlay is then die cut to size (slightly smaller than the PVC ID badge). We Custom Produce Overlays for Security Documents, Paper Cards, Certificates, Diploma's, Cheque books, College, School Goverment Documents. They are Custom Patterns , sizes, shapes and thickness with security options to ensure safety and protection.


Custom imprinted overlays offer more security. Your custom text or logo is imprinted on transparent holographic foil. Custom imprints must be unique. For added security,  SPICK maintains an imprint registry to assure your unique image is only available to your organization.Overlays are also available with an optional tamper evident feature. After applying to the ID card,  when removed,  the background color of the overlay will reveal a hidden 'dots' pattern to indicate tampering or void additional cost is involved for this security. If SPICK  is requested to produce a custom holographic overlay,  we require proof to substantiate that you are authorized to purchase that product. We independently verify your contact information and legitimacy.

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Holographic Transparent Document & Card Lamination Thermal Films, Pouches

C) Holographic Pouches:

Holographic Heat sealed pouches,thermal lamination pouches & films are used to laminate ID cards,Documents which are printed on a paper, pvc, plastic, security papers, which is then inserted between the two layers of the lamination pouch. The standard holographic pouch is holographic on one side; the backside is clear. We offer optional pouches with holographic graphics on both sides. We offer stock and custom versions.

1) Stock Pattern holographic Pouches & Films: We have over 10 Stock Patterns of pouches in thickness ranges of 5 mil(125 micron) and 10 mil(250 micron)


  • 54mm x 86mm
  • 70mm x 100mm
  • 150mm x 220mm
  • A4 sizes

    Lamination Holographic Thermal film: We offer from 30 micron to 250 micron thickness in standard 6 inch or 150 mm onwards to 24 inch or 610 mm more details as per ypur specifications.

    2) Custom Hologram Image, heat seal pouches can be used in regular laminator. Good for laminating ID badges, membership cards, parking permits, passes and documents. Insert PVC cards, synthetic imprinted papers or plain paper. Custom pouches are available in your size. The transparent holographic foil imprint is more visible and diffracts more light when the insert is gloss paper or other coated stock.Combat counterfeiting and fake IDs prevent alterations to authorized ID card. If spick is requested to produce a custom holographic lamination pouch, we require proof to substantiate that you are authorized to purchase that product. We independently verify your contact information and legitimacy.

    3) Plain Pouches With Custom Imprinted Hologram Labels:

    Another method of achieving more security with lamination pouches is to use a plain lamination pouch with a custom imprinted hologram label. The hologram label is manually applied to the insert prior to laminating the pouch; using a custom imprinted hologram labels provides customized security. Using a plain lamination pouch is less expensive than a holographic pouch. Overall, this is the most affordable method to get custom security using lamination pouches. Plain Lamination Pouch (from SPICK)+ Photo ID/Insert (from Customer)+ Hologram Label (from SPICK)= Finished Laminated ID Card. Custom hologram labels are available in 100 stock images and various sizes; choose from transparent, silver metallic, or any one of 7 different metallic colors. The custom imprint of your text or logo can be in black for more information and pricing on the hologram labels, kindly contact us.

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Holographic Films, Ribbons, Foils, Laminations for PVC Card Printers

D) Holographic Films for ID cards Printers:

We manufacturer Special and Exclusive Solution to counter Fake ID”s and control counterfeit with state of art “Holographic Films/ Ribbons/ Varnish/ Laminates” for Branded PVC Card Printers like Evolis, Zebra, EDI, Nisica, Data card, Magic card, Fargo etc. A hologram is applied on the card in the form of a transparent layer, thanks to a special ribbon.

SPICK offers hologram ribbons:

A) The generic continuous varnish ribbon for thermal transfer printers (20patterns to choose from)The generic registered varnish ribbon for lamination.
B) Customized Hologram ribbons: A customized hologram solution, when a specific design is required to add security to your ID badges with custom designed hologram ID film from SPICK, designed to meet your company’s security requirements!

Custom Hologram Film is now available for use with the following Evolis ID card printers, Zebra, EDI and others

Minimum order quantity is 10 rolls with a turnaround time of 4 weeks. Clear black and white or color-separated artwork is necessary to achieve quality images. Half-tone, grey scale and full color images are not readily acceptable. AI, EPS, PDF (editable) or CDR files required.Set-up fees vary depending upon design of custom hologram and are very reasonable.

MATERIAL: Varnish Overlay Ribbon (continuous): This ribbon is recommended for applications requiring a low durability (up to 2 year lifespan) and a minimal tamper resistance. This is a continuous ribbon that applies a thin layer to the card (about 4 microns), edge-to-edge.

SPICK offers Two types of hologram ribbons:

  1. The generic and customized  (A customized hologram solution, when a specific design is required )continuous varnish ribbon for thermal transfer printers
  2. The Generic & Customized Lamination films for High end transfer printers with lamination modules in the machines or as attached machines.. Please contact us  for more information on this product.

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Holographic Hot Stamping Foils for Cards & Documents

E) Customised Holographic Hot Stamping Foils:

Holographic Hot Stamping foils
are used for Security, Holographic hot stamping foils can be transferred on ID Cards, Driving License, Voter ID Cards, Pan Cards etc. Registered or continuous designs of customized holographic images supplied in roll form. This is a superior quality array of Holographic Hot Stamping Foils manufactured by SPICK GLOBAL. Specifically designed from ultramodern technology these foils are really efficient in transferring the holographic images on the substrate directly in either running or registered form. It is supplied in versatile patterns for the purpose of adding extra visual appeal to the products and packaging over and above the normal reflective metal finish.

These foils are manufactured by embossing impression of the hologram on lacquered, metallic polyester film and then coated with special adhesive coating to enable the user to transfer the holographic image on to the substrate using hot stamping machine easily. Also we supply Transparent Hot stamping foils which is the most comprehensive way to secure the Plastic cards and Security Documents. These holographic hot stamping foils are exclusively designed to be versatile, to achieve a full & clean ‘print’ on variety of substrates and for efficient operation on all popular machinery types likes platen, roll-on, rotary and clam-shell. Further, the exclusive features of this product like changing colors and directions of light helps in increasing the shelf impact and attracting consumer’s interest. 

User Industries: Holographic Hot Stamping Foils are highly recommended for using in Documents like Mark Sheets, Bond, Certificates, Loyalty Cards, Tax Labels, and Fabrics.

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Holographic Security Features

We offer Following security features on our Holograms

  • Rainbow Coloring – Images, lines, or texts that are designed to refract light utilizing the full rainbow color spectrum. Color changes as viewing angle changes.
  • Achromatic Coloring – Images, lines, or texts that have no color refraction but are comprised only of neutral grays, white or black.
  • True Coloring – Images, lines, or texts that have one viewing angle where they appear in actual real-life color.
  • Switch Effect – Two or more distinct images that occupy the same area of the hologram and shift from one image to the other if viewed from different angles.
  • Multi Plane – A feature that uses images, lines, or texts to provide a sense of depth in a hologram by providing a foreground set against a background (2D/3D).
  • Three-Dimensional – Images, lines, or texts that appear in 3D.
  • Stereographic – A technique where an image can either be animated or appear three dimensional.
  • CLR (Covert Laser Retrievable) – An image or text that cannot be seen in a hologram but can be illuminated and seen with a high-powered laser pen.
  • Latent Designs – An image that is viewable only with the aid of a high-power light source when the hologram is viewed at an extreme angle (concealed image).
  • Micro-Text – Text that is 60 – 100 microns in size that can be clearly deciphered only with the use of a magnifying glass or eye loop
  • Nano Text – Text that is less than 30 microns in height and can be clearly seen only with the aid of a high-powered microscope.
  • Micro-Imagery – Complex images or photographs that are reduced to a size less than 2 millimeters square.
  • Guilloche Patterns – High resolution line patterns that are created from complex geometric or mathematical patterns. Each line maintains a predetermined, continuous visual color shift to move in synchronized animation.


    Warning to Counterfeiters:

    If you are not authorized to purchase the product, your contact information may be provided to law enforcement authorities without further notice. This includes any holographic pouch that is identical or similar to any existing State Driver's License or any other government issued identication. SPICK cooperates with all local, state, federal and international law enforcement agencies to catch and prosecute fraudulent purchases and counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is illegal and is defined as any attempt to copy an original with the intent to defraud. It is illegal to purchase a fake identification product, an unauthorized custom hologram, or any counterfeit item which uses a copyrighted brand name.


    Free Samples:

    We provide free samples of our holographic overlays; however, the free samples are punched out with a VOID stamp

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Why Us?

We are pioneers in the field of ID CARD holograms and have an array of products for security of pvc cards, counted amongst the market leaders for manufacturing, supplying and exporting Hologram Overlay and Holographic films. Made using high-grade raw materials and advanced machinery these products comply with the set industrial norms. Post manufacturing, the products are sent to our team of quality experts for the final quality assurance. Further, our ethical business policies, transparent dealings, prompt deliveries, flexible payment options and market-leading prices have made us a preferred name in the industry having over 500 satisfied customers in span of 10 years in 50 countries.

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